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Zenith Ideas Must Read Guide to Staying Positive, No Matter What the...

Zenith Ideas promote a culture of positivity and they believe it has been one of the driving forces of their success. The customer acquisition... read more

Press Release • 20.04.2015 • By Zenith Ideas

Dublin best City to start a Business Claims Zenith Ideas

As Zenith Ideas ' business success continues to soar, the direct marketing firm outlines why Dublin is the best city to start a business .... read more

Press Release • 19.11.2014 • By Zenith Ideas

Zenith Ideas’ Outline 5 Rules for Start-ups

Starting a new business is challenging for anyone, explains Zenith Ideas . To help make the process that bit easier, industry leaders Zenith... read more

Press Release • 04.11.2014 • By Zenith Ideas

Zenith Ideas’ 5 Characteristics about Extraordinary Salespeople

Successful sales people are those who do the same thing every day. Such actions require a unique type of mental toughness, and Zenith Ideas... read more

Press Release • 27.10.2014 • By Zenith Ideas

Zenith Ideas Offers Work Exchange Opportunities in Portugal

After travelling to Portugal to meet with the country's leading direct marketing companies, The Dublin based direct sales and marketing firm have... read more

Press Release • 17.10.2014 • By Zenith Ideas

Zenith Ideas urge Businesses to get more Feedback

Being objective can often be difficult when being emotionally involved in the development of a brand.  Zenith Ideas therefore say businesses... read more

Press Release • 18.09.2014 • By Zenith Ideas

Zenith Ideas Complete the Ice Bucket Challenge

Zenith Ideas  has joined in with the latest phenomenon to hit the internet and social media, the ‘Ice Bucket Challenge’ to raise money for... read more

Press Release • 01.09.2014 • By Zenith Ideas

Zenith Ideas Future Proof their Brand Strategy

Zenith Ideas announced this week the new changes they have made to the  company to ensure their strategies are future proof. It is... read more

Press Release • 01.09.2014 • By Zenith Ideas

Zenith Ideas: 3,750 New Jobs in Ireland Thanks to Startup Companies

Over the last few years, Enterprise Ireland has invested heavily in Start-up businesses which has led to thousands of new jobs across the... read more

Press Release • 22.07.2014 • By Zenith Ideas

Zenith Ideas Highlight 3 Key Consumer Needs That Must Be Addressed

With increasing consumer expectations, businesses must focus on customer loyalty in order to stay ahead of competitors.  Zenith Ideas... read more

Press Release • 26.06.2014 • By Zenith Ideas